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Payment Methods

Having made the purchasing and filling the order form you will be offered to choose the one most convenient for you.
  • VISA and MASTERCARD online payment. You will have this way of payment right after finishing shopping and filling the order form. The payments are provided by Portmone system maintaining 3d secure. It means your card-issuing bank authorizes your payment. For security maintaining Portmone keeps to international standard Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS). Рortmone is the first Ukraine company that successfully passed international security audit compliance assurance and received certificate №499938160100203.

  • The WayForPay Antifraud performs analysis on the basis of over 100 parameters of every single transaction as well as compilation and tracking of reputation, which is further used for assessment of users. All the data are stored in the database, including parameters related to every single transaction and online payment of the user.

  • Quick and easy payment of your order through International payment system TransferWise.

    The information necessary for this system payment:
    • Business address of the recipient: Odessa, Deribasovskaya street, 12, off. 25
    • Recipient’s name: Varetkaya Natalia Feodosievna
    • Account number(of the card) of the recipent: 5168 7426 0814 9401
    • Phone number the recipient registered in Privatbank: +380505620799

    Please, choose UAH as currency to receive.

Attention: if you make payment by VISA or MASTERCARD we will receive the transfer immediately. If you make the transfer from your bank account the payment will come in 3 business days only.
Please, contact us in case none of the ways is suitable for you or you have some difficulties with the ones mentioned above.