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For the Luxury Tea Ceremony
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For the Luxury Tea Ceremony

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Can you imagine your life without aroma racy tea at least for one day? Especially when it’s snowing outside, frosty and windy! Or when you have such an addition to your cup of tea…Well, you can have it then three times a day! If you start it with the absolutely amazing Baileys... the nice Sunday dinner can be started in the morning ))) 

Our basket includes: 

- a package of jasmine green tea;
- a package of aroma black tea;
- a package of berry tea;
- a package of Karkade tea (Sudan rose);
- 4 jars of berry and fruit jam or confiture; 
- croissants;
- chocolate candies, 4 kinds of 250gram each;
- lemons;
- a bottle of Bailey’s liquor, 0,5 l.

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