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For the Gourmet
The composition and size
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For the Gourmet

$ 91.00
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A real gourmet of natural wine will be delighted with such a present! Sure he will! To savor and to compare the slightest nuance of aroma and discuss Italian, Spanish and French wine…and having those scrumptious ingredients of the basket…Just having received such a surprise would be a real feast! 

This present set includes: 

- Italian, French and Spanish wine, 1 l each; 
- a can of olives;
- 2 pack of cheese 150-200 gram each;
- a pack of ham, vacuumed, 250-300 gr;
- a can of instant coffee, 100 gr;
- a pack of ground coffee, 250 gr;
- a box of German chocolates;
- oranges, lemons, grapefruit, kiwi, 2 pieces each.

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